November 6, 2016

more WSL

Because I have too little pain and suffereing in my life, I decided to install one of the preview versions of Windows in order to try out the a recently updated version of bash for Windows. Or rather, a reasonably up-to-date version of what I learned is called WSL, for Windows Subsystem for Linux. There’s even a WSL blog on the MSDN site about it, so it must be a big deal. ... Read more

November 1, 2016

new home

Well there, kiddos, this is (I think) the third or fourth time in the past year that I’ve moved this site that nobody ever reads. The precipitating reason was that I was moving off of my old hosting site. That and the fact that I needed to learn a but more about Google Cloud Services. The good thing is that I have owned this domain name practically since such things as domains existed. ... Read more

October 30, 2016

ubuntu windows

‘Bash’ on Windows I’m about two weeks into using what Microsoft calls, in their infinite marketing wisdom, ‘bash on Windows.’ We is simple folk around here, so we assumed that when MSFT said ‘bash’ they meant a shell. Maybe a shell that FOR THE LOVE OF GOD dealt with the correct slashes to separate directories, and that would respond correctly to when I typed ls instead of dir. Quite the contrary it turns out. ... Read more

February 25, 2016


[Note: this is one of a couple of things I plan to fish out from the old version of the web site. More will follow. Or won’t. We’ll see. - TCB] I’m an old, silverback nerd. I remember the dreamtime when men could talk to animals and giants walked the earth. In many ways, of course, that’s good. Lots of strange error codes and mystical microsoft mumbo jumbo seems natural and sane to me, even if it shouldn’t. ... Read more

February 5, 2016


At various times in my life I have chosen plenty of ‘slug quotes’ to top this here Ye Olde Webbe Syte. Dear departed Hunter S. Thompson held pride of place a few times with ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride.’ I think I had a Nietzsche quote up there once or twice, the one about the abyss looking into you, probably when I was feeling even more pretentious than usual. Some Gore Vidal perhaps? ... Read more

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